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Latest video comments for 'Celia and Chloe'

  • hey girls, like why aren't you showing all your episodes here i watched seven now 6 isn't playing well could'nt see past the tin man part lol oh love the princess episode cant wait to see wat happens next anyway still hoping i win lol and yeah upload the other epidodes for everyone mwa l8r..rox
    slinki-minx - Posted 74 months ago
  • hey girls just watched episode 5 and wonderong why it is'nt on here? anyway great stuff
    slinki-minx - Posted 75 months ago
  • hey girls watched all four episodes when will you upload more? looking forwad to voting on your dress for the premier lol even better me and my bff actually being there with you mwa luv ya girls keek rocking p.s lol you really want access to the choise vip event.s inturn at a rocking magazine company like seventeen sure to work lol they get the best tickets mwa l8r...rox
    slinki-minx - Posted 75 months ago
  • hi.girls man this is my dream i wish with all my heart to be on that red carpet with you both luv the episoded GOD bless and holding thums i win loltake care
    slinki-minx - Posted 75 months ago