baby vs snake

baby vs snake, crazy stuff

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  • Indians maar....
    futshane7 - Posted 48 months ago
  • WTF? is this for real ,who the fuck wil do this to a baby,this is not cool,its shocking and unbelieve bill,who in his right mind will make a movie like this and show it to the world,Its just fucking wrong,I do hope its not for real
    hella128 - Posted 49 months ago
  • no no no they must be joking
    thandimotsoane - Posted 49 months ago
  • OMG. is that some kinda Indian Ritual (no offence). That can't be allowed in any way, even if that snake is not poisonous.
    sanelen - Posted 49 months ago
  • Ha no no no! These ppl are not serious!
    aphrodite - Posted 51 months ago
  • this is bull sh#t, but why.
    dash99 - Posted 53 months ago
  • its bad view
    8mandla - Posted 54 months ago
  • People likes to take chances.....I wonder if this is for real.
    phutego - Posted 54 months ago
  • wat da hell man?????????? nxa!!!!! da parents should be arrested if this thing is real. damn!!!!!!!!!
    nontsy - Posted 54 months ago
  • no this is not real
    lsitole - Posted 54 months ago

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