I'm a 30 year old Straight Male, In a Relationship, from Western Cape - Cape Town, South Africa and I'm here for friends

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    blueworld - Posted 55 months ago
  • why add the ''hmmm'' lol??
    misstamybaby - Posted 58 months ago
  • helo everyone damn did i miss u... hows things
    olah85 - Posted 70 months ago
  • Mwa im jus a call away.. Yorr =) i hope u well n all
    olah85 - Posted 73 months ago
  • miss u
    toygirl - Posted 74 months ago
  • haLOOoO ... HOPe u dOin wELL =) enjOy ur EasTer WeEkend ^_^ samzi**
    goetes - Posted 74 months ago
  • hey u! hope u having a lekka day.. catch ya later xxx
    ivana7 - Posted 74 months ago
  • HaPpY bIrthDaY!! hoPe U hAVe A grEAt dAy!! pARty HaRd tOnight ! aNd bE adVenTunErOus =P Grrrr ... luV saM
    goetes - Posted 74 months ago
  • Massive smile! Mmmmwha supa! Hey ladies i cnt help bt 2 feel lucky 2 hav u, dats no lie. Lol mwa jus stay swt tho
    olah85 - Posted 74 months ago
  • Morning luv! thanx for the message.. hehe ill keep smiling just for you today =P hope u had a great weekend... and enjoy ur week.. chat soon .. mwa** samzi
    goetes - Posted 75 months ago


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