I'm a 23 year old Straight Female, In a Relationship, from Gauteng, South Africa and I'm here for networking

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  • Hi! Mmaba2, How are you doing?
    greggz - Posted 33 months ago

  • Hi

    I'm faith.appiah but my friends called

    me faith love

    so you can call me by that if you wish.

    anyway i came across your profile on and i love it so much.Here is my

    email address (

    you can email me with the above id then

    i will send you my picture and also tell

    you more about my self

    have a nice day

    relove4u - Posted 52 months ago
  • Just wanted to wish you a merry christmas and a prosperous new year

    Just thought i should show you what people like you have contributed
    in my life for all this year thank you again for all the emails and pep talks.

    they all contributed to the face in the red dress hope to hear and see you
    in one piece in the coming year.

    Im much happier bcoz of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    nokia100 - Posted 53 months ago
  • Become a BP Bounty Hunter and help catch the BP Fugi!

    Stand the chance to become 1 of 10 official BP Bounty Hunters and help catch the BP Fugi. To help you on your quest you will be provided with a brand new Kia Soul (for the duration of the hunt period only) as well as a techno savvy phone with GPS capabilities and social media links so you can update the public on your progress. Best of all you could also be rewarded with R15 000. Visit and register your details to stand the chance to be selected.
    blueworld - Posted 55 months ago
  • lol.....wat cleavage? YOU CANT EVEN C IT PROPARLY
    mmaba2 - Posted 57 months ago
  • Wow,,esh ur clivage.......Bayazala abanye abantu
    0781510095 - Posted 57 months ago
  • lol.....thats me, wat u c is wat u get. not u doh, sum1 has me already lol.....thanx for the compliment doh
    mmaba2 - Posted 57 months ago
  • Hi gal you look super-beautiful. Hope what I see here is what I can get.
    mohasi - Posted 57 months ago
  • Wow, dats makes me go all gaga and hello to you too and hw are you doing?
    mmaba2 - Posted 57 months ago
  • im pushing hey.....just school work not giving me a break but iom almost there...its next week then i kinda have a weeks holiday but it wont be much of a holiday coz il still be studying. suks hey! anyway how you doing? is life treating you any better?
    mmaba2 - Posted 58 months ago

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