I'm a 28 year old Bisexual Female, Single, from Kwazulu-Natal - Durban, South Africa and I'm here for friends

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  • hi sexy! how was the weakend? wat all did u do?
    zwiabber - Posted 59 months ago
  • hey jsst here hanging ,waiting to hear from you..
    moppster - Posted 66 months ago
  • hello sexy
    nawtyme - Posted 70 months ago
  • hey dol
    duvash_zn - Posted 71 months ago
  • geezo69 - Posted 73 months ago
  • Check all the guys dicks in a twist over you... thinkin they gunna tap it.. Bwaaaaaa!
    ladiesman_217 - Posted 77 months ago
  • Hi... thanks for the add! keep in touch ok! It'l be fun!
    ladiesman_217 - Posted 77 months ago
  • Hey you! Blueworld would like to welcome you to 2009! If you want to take photos for Blueworld at events or become a Blueworld ambassador on your campus get in touch with me!

    We have also launched our new look - check out the menu down the right to manage all your stuff!

    Finally, we implemented Facebook connect which enables you to update your profile pic on Blueworld with a pic from your Facebook profile! Check out Edit profile pic in the My Blueworld menu.
    mya_85 - Posted 77 months ago
  • hey Faith how things going that side of the world, so y dnt you do some xploring and wish u all the best u are missing. sometimes we so blinded by the things we miss that we dont even notice that its infront of you.
    insanejapz - Posted 78 months ago
  • hey wanna chat some time or may be meet up contact me
    scorpion69 - Posted 79 months ago

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