I'm a 33 year old Straight Male, Single, from Free State, South Africa and I'm here for networking

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  • Become a BP Bounty Hunter and help catch the BP Fugi!

    Stand the chance to become 1 of 10 official BP Bounty Hunters and help catch the BP Fugi. To help you on your quest you will be provided with a brand new Kia Soul (for the duration of the hunt period only) as well as a techno savvy phone with GPS capabilities and social media links so you can update the public on your progress. Best of all you could also be rewarded with R15 000. Visit and register your details to stand the chance to be selected.
    blueworld - Posted 45 months ago
  • hey camza how r u holdin up my bro?
    sedibetm - Posted 60 months ago
  • ey kamz watup?
    dopechick - Posted 61 months ago
  • Got your numbers...I'll keep dem and give you a shout after Confed Cup. Thanx doll......we'll hook up.
    lola1 - Posted 62 months ago
  • Hey!! my easter is perfect. I'm saying "is" coz I'm still enjoying the holidays.....I'm on leave and having fun with my family. How was yours?
    lola1 - Posted 64 months ago
  • You are such a quiet friend....wats up? How are you doing?
    lola1 - Posted 65 months ago
  • i miss you too babes
    toti - Posted 65 months ago
  • 1 of the gr8est victories u can gain over sum1 is 2 beat him at politeness......
    camza - Posted 66 months ago
  • hey, r u online?
    hot-siya - Posted 66 months ago
  • hey hey!!!!
    elegance - Posted 66 months ago

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