I'm a 33 year old Male, from Western Cape, South Africa

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  • Become a BP Bounty Hunter and help catch the BP Fugi!

    Stand the chance to become 1 of 10 official BP Bounty Hunters and help catch the BP Fugi. To help you on your quest you will be provided with a brand new Kia Soul (for the duration of the hunt period only) as well as a techno savvy phone with GPS capabilities and social media links so you can update the public on your progress. Best of all you could also be rewarded with R15 000. Visit and register your details to stand the chance to be selected.
    blueworld - Posted 51 months ago
  • hala
    tanyat - Posted 72 months ago
  • Hey you! Blueworld would like to welcome you to 2009! If you want to take photos for Blueworld at events or become a Blueworld ambassador on your campus get in touch with me!

    We have also launched our new look - check out the menu down the right to manage all your stuff!

    Finally, we implemented Facebook connect which enables you to update your profile pic on Blueworld with a pic from your Facebook profile! Check out Edit profile pic in the My Blueworld menu.
    mya_85 - Posted 73 months ago
  • Hi there. Sowi for the late reply... don't frequent this site as much. How you doing?
    suga23 - Posted 77 months ago
  • hahaha....why thank you!
    ginz25 - Posted 78 months ago
  • Hi, how are you doin?
    pixy - Posted 78 months ago
  • hehe halo there *(^^,)* awh makng a gal feel special by sayin somethin sweet like that, hehe thanx, mwah in return!!! how u
    goetes - Posted 78 months ago
  • Hey! Welcome to Blueworld - Check top right for the "Activity / Edit profile" link - from there you can keep tabs on your friends and work on your profile
    blueworld - Posted 78 months ago

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