I'm a 22 year old Straight Female, Single, from , South Africa and I'm here for networking

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  • hi deh pwetty...long tym no chat hud...;}
    rogue_mo - Posted 31 months ago
  • hi... :)
    dman69 - Posted 34 months ago
  • u a hot
    huslerboy - Posted 35 months ago
  • hi sexy!
    zwiabber - Posted 35 months ago
  • Hey, looking good as always. Hope u having an awesome day
    ren0000 - Posted 38 months ago
  • haya princess.....4got blueworld... now its turning grey coz u neva around hehehe
    dmanuel - Posted 39 months ago
  • Hey Tamz 'I just wana say Happy Festive nd enjoy da Holidays!! mwah
    moppster - Posted 40 months ago
  • mango_tango - Posted 40 months ago
  • thanx 4 da add cutie
    SirMiere - Posted 40 months ago
  • hehehe ur statement is cute!
    dmanuel - Posted 40 months ago


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