I'm a 32 year old Female, Single, from , South Africa and I'm here for networking

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  • Become a BP Bounty Hunter and help catch the BP Fugi!

    Stand the chance to become 1 of 10 official BP Bounty Hunters and help catch the BP Fugi. To help you on your quest you will be provided with a brand new Kia Soul (for the duration of the hunt period only) as well as a techno savvy phone with GPS capabilities and social media links so you can update the public on your progress. Best of all you could also be rewarded with R15 000. Visit www.bpfugi.co.za and register your details to stand the chance to be selected.
    blueworld - Posted 55 months ago
  • Hey girl! Thanks for accepting! You've just made friends list a whole lot HOTTER!! Hope to chat to you soon!
    nyathelapm - Posted 66 months ago
  • hmmmm hookahs! cheap wine! weeds! (sounds awesome actually... i think you just need to work on how you phrase it... :)

    actually it doesnt sound bad at all.... just think of all the other chumps who didnt have A: cheap wine (expensive whine doesnt count) B: hookahs and C: TV.

    NOw laugh at them. Poor losers.

    hehehehe *smacks own wrist*


    skizm - Posted 68 months ago
  • silly? maybe.... funny? possibly.... dangerous? oh i wouldnt go THAT far.

    Oh hell, who am I kidding? yes, mui dangerousse - be careful.


    I don't really think so.

    So what DID you get up to last night?

    *checks inbox*

    tehre's nothing... grrrr


    skizm - Posted 68 months ago
  • ey there
    dominica - Posted 68 months ago
  • going out is ALWAYS a great idea - the universal fix all! Woop!

    Now, i would say 'show my pics of yer new tatt! Stat!' but owing to the aforementioned location it seems like i might receive a virtual textslap for merely asking... lol.

    So what is it?

    And what you gonna get up to? anything nefarious? I should hope so - anything less is lame.

    skizm - Posted 68 months ago
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaah beaten but not dead - so basically you remain unbeaten. Its all about attitude - and resilliance.

    Christ, now I sound like fookin TOny Robbins or some shit - hehe - so whats up pretty lady?>
    skizm - Posted 68 months ago
  • Hey! beeen a WHILE eh? so whats your news? my world's been bounced around ever so slightly - but nothing that cant be fixed... so i dont complain :D
    skizm - Posted 68 months ago
  • Hello How are you.I am Mrs Avelin Regato,I saw your profile and I got Interested as I am trying to give my life a new meaning .I will like to share something personal with you,which I think is not right in a medium like this. Here is my email contact: madam_avelin@yahoo.com I am looking forward to hearing from you. Email me on: madam_avelin@yahoo.com
    toocare - Posted 69 months ago
  • aaaah work - the bastid! although a we gotta eat i guess... damn! camping? sounds like fun - where u going?
    skizm - Posted 70 months ago


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