I'm a 33 year old Female, from Western Cape - Cape Town, South Africa

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  • u hot!!!!
    pee-wee - Posted 59 months ago
  • ha ha ha...good one...i think she's worth more than R20 though ...lol..
    mitchieb1 - Posted 59 months ago
  • Did you also wake up with R20 in you pocket by chance??I thaught i last mine...
    ninjastrikeforce - Posted 60 months ago
  • One question..if u woke up with ur leg bent like that... was it still asleep after you woke?
    gamble191 - Posted 65 months ago
  • damn a prche indeed :) happy new year !! sal jo ref susa !!
    raiden69 - Posted 65 months ago
  • hey there how are you?
    wildthangx - Posted 68 months ago
  • what a bummer..!! such a hottie and shes AWOL..
    machiel - Posted 70 months ago
  • u still alive....?
    machiel - Posted 70 months ago
  • hey sexy how are you? what you doing?
    wildthangx - Posted 70 months ago
  • Hey sweeti..! shot for accepting..!! u look like a super fun chicka..!!! super cute....:) not gona be on here for over 2 weeks..!! so speak when i get back...! Mwa*
    machiel - Posted 70 months ago


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