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Welcome to the Blueworld Tour Page.
My name is Bobby Blueworld and I'm your tour guide!

Each of the major sections on Blueworld are explained below. To get a better view simply click on the screen shots to enlarge them. is a South African online social community. The website allows you to create a profile so that you can interact with your friends or make new friends altogether. With your profile you can create an online presence for yourself using tools like blogging, video sharing, photo uploading and tagging,status updates through mini blogs and creating groups. You can also keep track of friend's activities, stream music from all your favourite local artists and check out photos from the hottest events around the country.

Registration is quick and easy - all you need to do is fill in some basic details, upload a profile photograph and check which of your friends are already on

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    The activity page keeps you connected to your friends and the rest of the Blueworld community -

  • View all the latest blogs, groups, videos, photos, games, classifieds, music and status updates posted since your last login
  • Upcoming birthdays for the next month
  • Events happening in your area
  • Friend Filter - view only your friends recent activity
  • Discover new friends and content with 'open' network activity view

    Your profile is your personal space on the internet. It features a summary of all your activity on Blueworld -

  • Your own address:
  • All your posted content (photos, videos, blogs ..etc)
  • Customize your space: Upload your own header banner and choose between our profile themes to match your style
  • Your personal likes and dislikes
  • Friends on Blueworld
  • Comment area with media posting tools (quickly and easy post images or video onto your friends profiles)

    The albums and photos area features all the images uploaded by the Blueworld community. There you can share, rate and discuss photos, tag your friends and upload an unlimited amount of albums -

  • View the latest, popular and top voted photos
  • Share your photography with the community (you can set your albums as private)
  • Latest photo comments

    The videos area allows you to upload, rate and discuss videos with the Blueworld community. Each video is categorized in content channels and tags so that you can quickly find what you feel like watching -

  • View the latest, popular and top rated videos
  • See what community is watching in real time
  • Filter videos by channels and user tags like funny videos
  • Latest video comment

    Have your say, join a cause or support your favourite brand or team. The groups area features all groups created by the Blueworld community -

  • View recent group activity
  • Filter groups by new, popular or random
  • Join your University group
  • Group category popularity cloud

    The community area connects you with active Blueworld users -

  • View logged in members, who's new or popular
  • Find friends in your region
  • Community activity feed
  • Latest status updates (mini blogs)
  • Meet new people in Blueworld dating

    Ever thought of starting your own blog? Blueworld makes it dead simple - Blogs are like online diaries where you can share life, rants, opinions, jokes and anything else you want -

  • View blogs by latest, most read, active discussions or top rated
  • Find the top bloggers and debaters
  • Filter blogs by user tags and categories

    A mini blog is your rant, vent or expression in the moment. It's generally shorter than the common blog. Keep the community up to date with what you are doing or thinking -

  • View mini blogs by latest or most responses
  • View mood icons attached to updates

    Blueworld band space features local music artists from any genre in collaboration with Speakerbox -

  • Stream music from your favourite artist
  • Discography - Tracks and Album artwork
  • Band profiles with band photos, and gig videos
  • Upcoming gigs
  • Band member blogs
  • Latest local music news

    Chat with other online users -

  • Public and private chat
  • Add emotion icons to your chat
  • Invite other online users to chat on the fly

    Play free online games against the Blueworld community -

  • Find games by type (action, fun, cars ...etc)
  • Battle the top gamers

    Buy, sell and trade your unwanted goods in Blueworld Classifieds -

  • View ads by popular, region or specials
  • Listings imported from popular classifieds engine VOTTLE

    Find out what parties are happening in your area -

  • RSVP to events and see who else is going
  • See what events your friends are attending

    Blueworld photographers frequent the hottest night clubs, beaches, sport events and any birthday parties -

  • Check out who went to the latest parties
  • Save your photo
  • See who's checking out what party galleries - find people who went to the same event

    Send free sms's to any network in South Africa -

  • 118 characters sms limit
  • Contacts manager - save keep your friends numbers