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Name: Xbox360 Games & News
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About: Discussion on all things xbox!
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  • i dont care what any1 says....Gears of war 2 is and always will be the greatest game in the world!!! oh and battlefield fans check out "section 8" and for dawn of war fans check out "space marine" by epic games l8r XD
    moose172 - Posted 68 months ago
  • transformer - Posted 71 months ago
  • Its a ok game, running around like a crazy person does put u off after a while............this game was to easy and clocked it in 2 days, yes Ima moerse Gamekop!!!!
    bjorn533 - Posted 77 months ago
  • Damn I never know when this thing uploads properly, heres a pic from mirrors edge
    shad840811 - Posted 77 months ago
  • True true Shad, I cant get enough of Prototype gameplay on youtube...........
    bjorn533 - Posted 77 months ago
  • In game scene
    shad840811 - Posted 77 months ago
  • I agree Ninja Gaiden 2 has definitely lived up to the hype but we gotta focus on the next gen titles like End War, Mirrors Edge and the most anticipated - Prototype At the moment GTA 4 has set the bar for me
    shad840811 - Posted 77 months ago
  • I know diablo 3 look great interactive world, using walls to kill foes but release date so far away check out ninja gaiden2 on xbox just a damm beauty
    redox - Posted 83 months ago
  • Cant wait! Loved Diablo II!
    boxfox - Posted 83 months ago
  • hmmm ok its a pc game dont know if you guys played the first and second one not many girls did that i know of, but diablo3 is coming soon..cant wait yay lol
    aquagirl - Posted 83 months ago


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