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Name: Where Christians Meet
Category: Common Interests - Beliefs & Causes
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: This group is for everyone wanting to join, its my way of trying to make a difference. As a strong and commited Christian, I know that there are not many places to make friends with other Christians on the net! So lets chat, leave verses, poems, testimonies etc... or just chat to me:)
Website: www.joycemeyer.org/

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  • Returning to Worship
    So how do you get started? First, you must repent. The failure to worship God in spirit and in truth is not just an unfortunate lapse in spiritual enthusiasm.  It is a sin. To love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, and mind is not the greatest suggestion in the Law, it is the greatest commandment (Matt. 22:36-40). Confess your sin, clear your conscience, and get ready for step two–prepare to worship God.
    Acceptable worship doesn’t happen spontaneously–you must prepare yourself. Let’s look at Hebrews 10:22. “Let us draw near with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.” That verse begins with the phrase “let us draw near”–it is our call to worship. What follows are four checkpoints to help you prepare for worship.
    The Checkpoint of Sincerity – We are to draw near “with a sincere heart.” That speaks of a genuine heart, devoted to pursuing God. It is hypocritical to be worshipping God when you are really apathetic or preoccupied with self. Draw near to God with your whole heart.
    The Checkpoint of Fidelity – We are to draw near “in full assurance of faith.” The Hebrews were clinging to Old Covenant forms of worship to find acceptance before God; but the coming of Christ put an end to ceremony and sacrifice. Each person had to be willing to say, “I’m coming to God in full confidence that I am not saved by a system of ritual. I come fully by faith in Jesus Christ.” You too are to be fully assured that God accepts your worship, not because of what you do, but because of what Jesus did in providing atonement for you.
    The Checkpoint of Humility – We are to draw near to God “having our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience.” That is, you come to God with the knowledge that you are unworthy to be in His presence. The only reason anyone can come to Him is the blood of Christ, which was shed on the cross as a cleansing for sin.
    The Checkpoint of Purity – We are to draw near having “our bodies washed with pure water.” That refers to the daily cleansing by the Word of God. The process of sanctification ferrets out sinful thoughts and exposes sinful behavior. Before you worship, confess the sins that God uncovered through His Word so you can draw near in purity.
    Every time you worship, whether corporately or privately, try preparing yourself by asking these questions:
    Am I seeing God anew in the Word through discovery and meditation so I am compelled to draw near to Him?
    Am I being sincere? Is my heart fixed on Him and undivided?
    Am I fully assured that only faith in Christ can bring me to God’s throne?
    Am I coming humbly, realizing I can draw near only because of what Christ has done for me?
    Is there any sin in my life I haven’t dealt with?
    Perhaps you’ve been attending church for years, but you’ve never really drawn near to God, nor have you sensed His nearness–even in your own private devotions and prayers. Now you know, or perhaps have been reminded: God has redeemed you so you can worship Him. It is the purpose for which you were created. Continue living in the light of the wonders you discover about God in His Word, and ask Him to teach you more and more by experience what it is to worship Him in spirit and in truth. That is a prayer our great God will delight in answering.

    lesmercy - Posted 61 months ago
  • The greatest inspiration in my lyf is Jesus he went through so nuch critism but stood strong in wat he believed in hey that awesome !
    sandile35 - Posted 74 months ago
  • Christian Comics http://truthforyouth.com/standard/main.htm
    andrenel - Posted 74 months ago
  • And this is the message [the message of promise] which we have heard from Him and now are reporting to you: God is Light, and there is no darkness in Him at all [no, not in any way]. [So] if we say we are partakers together and enjoy fellowship with Him when we live and move and are walking about in darkness, we are [both] speaking falsely and do not live and practice the Truth [which the Gospel presents]. —1 John 1:5,6 So often the things we try to hide by burying them deep inside ourselves become darkness within us. But this passage tells us in God there is no darkness at all. So when we allow Him full entrance into our hearts and minds, there will be no darkness there. I am so glad that God fills every room in my heart, so that I am filled with His light. There are no places in my heart that I know of that are blocked off from Him and the light that comes with His presence. Often one of the signs that we are walking in the light of the Gospel is that we have good relationships with everyone with whom we come in contact in our daily lives — including our spouse and our children. I can truthfully say that right now I do not know of any person in my life with whom I have a major problem. And it is not because they have all changed. The reason is that I have allowed the Lord to come into those dark recesses of my heart and fill them with His marvelous light. When I was one person on the inside and another person on the outside, I had to wear masks and be phony. I am so glad that now I can stand before God and be at peace with myself and with others. I no longer have to live in fear of what anyone thinks of me, because I have opened my heart to God's Holy Spirit and He has lighted up the dark places within me so I can live free! You can say the same thing if you will open your heart to God and allow Him to fill every part of you with His life-giving Spirit.
    aimeegirl - Posted 75 months ago
  • Hi guys, leave your testimony's here!!!:)
    aimeegirl - Posted 75 months ago


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