Whats wrong with this New BW want back the old.

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Name: Whats wrong with this New BW want back the old.
Category: Common Interests - Beliefs & Causes
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: This basically a group that will note all concerns relating to this site.Suggestions and comments are needed in order for a more efficient and user friendly site to be established.Also for all those members who want the old blueworld back..give reasons why and why you not happy
Website: blueworld.co.za/mischa...

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  • Great news @Ja_Nee
    zoopedup - Posted 65 months ago
  • Admittedly -- buttons on the right do help. Guess one gets used to it
    ja_nee - Posted 65 months ago
  • I think the new layout is fantastic. The quick launch buttons on the right makes the site very user friendly. All just a click away...
    storman - Posted 65 months ago
  • I love the new Blueworld layout!
    j-princess - Posted 65 months ago
  • Your sexual orientation and 'what you are looking for' is at the top of your profile on the left
    zoopedup - Posted 65 months ago
  • All your groups show up on your profile now
    zoopedup - Posted 65 months ago
  • Animated gifs fixed
    zoopedup - Posted 65 months ago
  • zoopedup - Posted 65 months ago
  • @aeries212 - We not moving towards Facebook - having profile activity (which you can turn off - disable) is hardly moving towards Facebook. Facebook is a tool to organize your friends with - Blueworld is about meeting new people.
    zoopedup - Posted 65 months ago
  • I have called some of the people with issues - If you want to discuss your feedback with me please feel free to give me a call 083 351 7917
    zoopedup - Posted 65 months ago


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