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Category: Just For Fun - Too Much Information
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: Here all girls can come together to share there stories about why its nice sometimes not to have the guys around.....what they do when the guys aren't around, and then meet up if they want!
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  • ja girls know what girls want, but how the hell can u explain gay guys. No one can excite a man than a woman.
    maizazawula - Posted 17 months ago
  • Read on another website of a guy organising a "cum fest" for his wife, and he is looking for four to seven guys, 28-36 year old, to have a go at his wife, while he is watching. He posted a pic of his wife, and she is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! What the F%*K is wrong with this guy? If I was him, I'd get something to help up the little man, and have a cum fest one-on-one with my wife
    leftie_rm01 - Posted 25 months ago
  • the thing is, a girl knows what a girl wants. and that is one thing a guy just cant understand. and that is one of the reasons a guy gets so excited when he is in the presence of 2 or more girls going at eachother
    janene860110 - Posted 44 months ago
  • Pamper parties sound good
    janene860110 - Posted 44 months ago
  • did you know that most girls, (while not admitting it) when in a room with other girls sometimes get hornier then ever!!!
    janene860110 - Posted 44 months ago
  • well firstly, usually we are much more horny ....
    janene860110 - Posted 47 months ago
  • I need a Idea for a party....a party so awesome it should blow your head off.
    It should involve a lot of girls...guys can come too....but the girls should be the entertainment
    janene860110 - Posted 48 months ago
  • cum up wth interestin topics..plz
    dondoz - Posted 48 months ago
  • 4ril girl
    janene860110 - Posted 48 months ago
  • janene r u singn o u r 4ril?
    simmone - Posted 48 months ago


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