What do girls and gents like or hate in a relationship ?

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Name: What do girls and gents like or hate in a relationship ?
Category: Common Interests - Dating & Relationships
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About: Lets get all the questions and curiosity answered at the best way possible on what ever you have been thinking of trying, doing or even don't understand about the opposite sex.
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When it comes to woman, Does size counts ?

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  • Size matters, my 1st man was thick and normal length, and my 2nd was thick and a bit small, i njyd both. I cant imagine having to settle for a thin one.
    honeyleballo - Posted 55 months ago
  • Tpo me size does matter, darling. It's not very 100% important but it does count. Imagine this:
    You get this guy, he's okay in everything......get your groove on. The foreplay is perfect, kissing and touching you in all the right places.......you get so high in passion that the only thing that needs to happen is for you to feel is dick slipping slowly into you. That gentle and smooth penetration inside you....hmmm! Anyway, there are uncomfortable dicks....the ones that are too long or too wide. There's no enjoyment there....just pain. Then there are those that you can't even feel.....the person will just be jumping on top of you and you'll be like "what's happening?"
    lola1 - Posted 56 months ago
  • Size doesn't really count i think its the way you both connect.
    josjos - Posted 61 months ago
  • I think a woman would do that when they are not seriouse about you. I had the same sittuation but I just walked out from that relationship.
    jerryn - Posted 63 months ago
  • what i hate is women who make false promises ''like im coming this weekend then if she is not coming she wont call yu ,i have to be the one who call her
    kingsmith - Posted 64 months ago

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