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Name: Wala-Wala Entertainment
Category: Business - Companies
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: This is an events management, Marketing and advertising company. Talk to us if you are looking for company to do all the above from concept to final product. We are guided by a powerful vision.

By 2030 Wala-Wala Trading will be recognized as a dynamic, principled and most successful youth company to employ about 125 000 previously marginalized youth in South Africa.

Use business innovatively to empower the youth with the knowledge and skills to socially and economically transform their communities.

• Video & Photo Documentation
• Theatre Skills &Entertainment
• Printing(T/shirts, Banners etc)
• Marquees & Sound Systems
• Film Extras & Comedians
• Dancers, Actors & Poets
• Industrial Theatre
• Stage Trailer
• Transport
• Cleaners
• Property

• Local government
• Provincial government departments
• NGO’s
• Corporate sector
• Community structures
• Arts organizations
• Sports organizations

About Wala-Wala:
This unique and catchy name Wala-Wala means many things to many people, to us it means removing the cloud and bringing the light. Wala-Wala Trading is 100% owned by black entrepreneurs, led by Global Action Award winner Spha Mzobe. It is a youth owned company from a previously marginalized community registered with register of companies (CK 2008/154383/23).

Wala-Wala Trading have community development at heart, and that is why using collaboration formula to increase resources, exchange working methods and improve knowledge and skills to generate a world class full of promotable, employable and job sustaining persons. Wala-Wala Trading services are not about come and watch, everyone has a role to play since our motto: “Collaboration is our wining formula”.

Wala-Wala Trading identified gaps in the industry and saw opportunities of being part of the mainstream economic system by providing effective and efficient professional service and by being job creators, rather than job seekers. Wala-Wala Trading has 5 subdivisions: Wala-Wala Entertainment, Wala-Wala Transport, Wala-Wala Cleaners, Wala-Wala Property, Wala-Wala Supply.

•We recognize the competition thus we go an extra mile for this reason and for value.
•We commit ourselves to give the highest quality service delivery through value adding in areas considered being of importance by our clients.
•Our customer care policy is guided by Batho Pele White Paper on service delivery.
•Make an effort to our customer’s service excellence at the most competitive price.

We will offer competitive remuneration so as to retain our human assets and continuously create a conducive working environment with proper training to enable employees to successfully perform their duties.
Website: www.freewebs.com/walawalaproductions

Latest News

We are excited to be doing best industrial theatre jobs in the country, we are also happy to work with a powerful actor Sduduzo Khawula.

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  • hi Wala-Wala. we have similar biz interests.i've joined your group for the purpose of collaborating with you on accounts you might need assistance with,and vice versa.its the way forward in biz.
    jpbrands - Posted 71 months ago


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