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Name: Vuk'uqaqambe Foundation
Category: Organizations & Charities - Academic Organizations
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: Vuk'uqaqambe Training Institute - Association incorporated under Section 21 trading as Vuk'uqaqambe Foudation

16 Dickens Drive

P.O. Box 63

Contact No. (021) 386 9194
Mobile no. 071 761 7033
Facsimile no. 086 556 2097

Organizational Profile


Vuk’uqaqambe Foundation emanates from the inspiration of the pioneers of the organization in giving back to the community and digging the untapped potential of the black learners by registering a Section 21 company aimed at giving tutorials to the black learners.

The foundation is registered as an Association Incorporated under Section 21 business entity and is currently having the office on the address mentioned above. The name of the organization is Vuk’uqaqambe Training Institute, trading as Vuk’uqaqambe Foundation.


To be a world class tutorial centre in Africa


We are engaged in the development of the world class black African learners by improving their level of performance achievement in their schools results.

Target Market

Black learners in the townships of the Cape Metro of the Western Cape Education Department, in line with Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment.

Website: n/a

Latest News

The Foundation is seeking a volunteer to assume the portfolio of the Fundraising Manager in the Management Committee, as the organization is seeking funding for sustenance.

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