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Name: The Vernon Koekemoer
Category: Just For Fun - Inside Jokes
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: Vernon Koekemoer is our very own, SA Chuck Norris. Vernon Koekemoer, also known as the H2O guy seems to have found his way in to the heart and imagination of many South Africans. See the pictures to get a better idea that Vernon Koekemoer is all about.

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Vernon Koekemoer is Famous... deal with it! The H20 guy is here to stay. What a legend Vernon Koekemoer is!

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    lishafall2020 - Posted 20 months ago
    lishafall2020 - Posted 20 months ago
  • zoopedup - Posted 79 months ago
  • Vernon Koekemoer - Watch the full interview on
    chrisonderstall - Posted 79 months ago
  • I love Vernon - most aamazing story of viral internet fame
    timonmeerkat - Posted 81 months ago
  • Vernon Koekemoer at it again. This time in Evolver''s new music Video "Pretty Thing"
    DEATH - Posted 82 months ago
  • zoopedup - Posted 83 months ago
  • Is the whole Vernon Keokemoer thing dead now? If not =) They say Vernon Koekemoer is the virgin Mary, he gave birth to Chuck Norris, formerly known as Jesus Crist. The reason Vernon Koekemoer doesn''t wear a cross on his necklace is because he gave birth to God. They say that Vernon Koekemoer can inpregnate woman simply by staring at them Weights don''t shape Vernon Koekemoers Muscles. His muscles shape weights The reason Vernon Koekemoers clothes are always so small is because he only wheres the clothes of his victims. Protein Shakes are a Bi product of Vernon Keokemoers sweat. They say that under Vernon Koekemoers pants there awaits another fist. I know this only because you see the knuckles due to the shortness of his pants. (Gives new meaning to fisting doesn''t it :P) Vernon Koekemoer punches so hard that even death people hear the crack and even blind people see the flash. Vernon Koekemoers pants are so short that even blind people see what lies beneath. K well I though most of those up, they''re probably used in the Chuck Norris some or other way, just putting them in different context.
    djtriplerrr - Posted 83 months ago
  • Send Vernon to Zim!!!!
    nitr0 - Posted 83 months ago
  • haha @ Null that makes sense
    zoopedup - Posted 83 months ago

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