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Name: The Trade Spot
Category: Common Interests - Activities
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: The Trade Spot is an open group whereby you as a member can trade (sell or buy) items with another group member with safety conditions taken into account. As a member you can either open a bid by posting specific information (age, qauntities....etc) of the item you want to sell (with item picture) or you can either open a request by posting specific information of an item you want to buy and think other members might have.

= So com'n guyz join along and test your bidding skillz =

CATION: The Trade Stop will by no meams be held for any corruption or scam
that occurs to any of ours members we therefore egde all our
members to be careful of all contact details and to take safety
considerations into deep account when negotiting with another
member ( using your email addres or blueworld account as a contact
detail is more safe)
Website: n/a

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  • Hey guyz wat up, i'm selling "Eminem presents the re-up" cd ulbum wit a minimum price of R 70 still new and in good condition - hallo at me if intersted!
    delay - Posted 63 months ago


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