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Name: The Art of Luis Royo
Category: Entertainment & Arts - Fine Arts
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: All about the fantasy illustrations of Luis Royo, who's famous for his illustrations of strong, sexy women! Anyone who loves his work - or fantasy illustration - can join!

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  • awesome!! LOVE Luis Royo's work. That's my favorite...
    inf3rn0flwr - Posted 49 months ago
  • Im stoked,fuken crazy mos def going to love this group
    super-soppy - Posted 50 months ago
  • just funtastic ...
    rathains - Posted 65 months ago
  • I absolutely love his work, brilliant, brilliant man.
    mzansimadame - Posted 67 months ago
  • mzansimadame - Posted 67 months ago
  • mzansimadame - Posted 67 months ago
  • Just thaught I''d share one of my fav Christopher Shy works with you!
    orlitza - Posted 69 months ago
  • Hehe,I''m glad you checked it out and like it!No...He''s been around for a while now.He does stuff for things like Vampire the Marquerade the card and PC game and loads other things like that too. Maybe we should start a group for him too?
    orlitza - Posted 72 months ago
  • WOW!Fuckin EXCELLENT art!!!you guys should definitely check out Christopher Shy''s work as well(if you don''t already know him)You''ll love it!!!
    orlitza - Posted 72 months ago
  • I just uploaded some of my fav pics... there might be dups across the other albums, but fkit! enjoy!
    legewan - Posted 72 months ago

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