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Name: Tattoos and piercings
Category: Just For Fun - Fan Clubs
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: Well hello all you tattooed and pierced, wonderful people.Join my world of the tattooed and lets start a mosh pit of our own! Post your pics, comments, etc...
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  • Nipple piercing
    oraclealpha - Posted 46 months ago
  • Didnt end up getting that clover got a trebble clef instead. Will post a pic as soon as I can...mwa much love. Oh PS I need a designer. Anyone in Durban who can help with my next chop.? PLEASE!!!
    monkie - Posted 47 months ago
  • acidsuicide - Posted 57 months ago
  • acidsuicide - Posted 57 months ago
  • Here are just some of the tattoo's I've done...
    acidsuicide - Posted 57 months ago
  • Legitimate pain
    pure_metal - Posted 58 months ago
  • YAY!!! Finally a group worth joining.....I also need a bit of help. I'm Irish see and want to get a clover on my wrist but I'm confuzzed and what to get. Remember your body's a temple DECORATE IT!!!
    monkie - Posted 59 months ago
  • some help pliz. i got a leo tatoo on the back of my right sholder. i wanna get another one for my 21 birthday this saturday... any graet ideas???
    tiy - Posted 62 months ago
  • whats up to all ink addicts it will be my pleasure to grace this group with my tattoed ass...pic cuming
    blackmbusi - Posted 64 months ago
  • Welcome to my group all u awesome ppl... keep posting your tatts!!!
    metalmaidenmiranda - Posted 65 months ago


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