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Name: stop the anc
Category: Common Interests - Beliefs & Causes
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: hi guys
what i am trying to do with this group is to get everyone to start voting on the sa election website
the anc had a huge boost on there online votes by starting a facebook group
so lets show them that we as south africans can stand up and not be dictated to and lied to.
if zuma comes into power it has been said that it will be bad news for everyone black and white
so lets all as south africans make a stand vote for any other party but the anc go to sa election website and vote online or evan vote on you cell phone.
dont let the anc win we can stop the corruption in our country and make it the great country it really is.

follow the link bellow to go and place your online votes and sms votes

and try and get as many people to vote. tell your friends aunts uncles just stop the anc.
Website: n/a

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