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Name: *~SINS~*
Category: Common Interests - Activities
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: You don't need 'confession' to get those naughty thoughts and deeds out in the open. Just share them right here... We all need a laugh and what's funnier than knowing that people have done exactly what you did.
Pure sexual thoughts, deeds and fantasies or pranks, please...
Website: n/a

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  • Hi Raidin ..share your first experience with sex with us
    hewolf - Posted 47 months ago
  • Hey why dont we have pic's here of all the ~sins~ here? I dare the guys to show there girl snitch pic's here.
    leoafric - Posted 49 months ago
  • and I 'm always lust....Do we have a'"request '' and a ''demand'' ????
    devilact - Posted 56 months ago
  • So what is it that you are writing in a foreign language?
    The french language is beautiful and romantic to,and the writing elegant.
    Restez avec tout ce qui vous rend heureux .
    Life is great .Be happy
    devilact - Posted 56 months ago
  • Whow !!!!
    The devil can promised you everything if you.........
    The angels can be easier for you if you......
    Life consists of choices ,decisions and thoughts.This leads to actions.
    Actions can be a feeling of satisfaction ,acceptance ,or hurt,hate ,guilt
    You must know what you're doing when made a decision or deal .
    No escape from reality.
    devilact - Posted 56 months ago
  • Raidin its your group ,add something .There is always sin and evil in live
    devilact - Posted 56 months ago
  • Sexual actions and occasion occurred in life with other partners.
    We as a family had several social occasions with a other family .There was this sexual spark | feeling present between me and her ,but nothing happened even when she divorced.
    Years later she stays over one night and yes we had good ,rough,passionate sex during the night of little sleep.
    Was it "sin" ??
    As it was only 8 hours later after the funeral of my dearest wife.
    No guilt - No-one effected
    Life goes on.
    devilact - Posted 56 months ago
  • @ Raidin - ok, so please do tell, what is double clutching and how does one do this?
    ash123 - Posted 59 months ago
  • ok guys, who here has had sex on drugs and how was it. I have been given a lecture already by a friend on this site but like i told him, i don't do it often but when i do, i seriously enjoy it.
    ash123 - Posted 59 months ago
  • ...Finally...it was staring me right in the face... I made it here Raidin! xx
    mogasm - Posted 60 months ago

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