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Name: single mums
Category: Business - Companies
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: for all independent single mums
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  • Hi ladies. Im a single mom, not necessarily by choice though. I've raised my two children alone for 16 years now and they haven't turned out too bad, so i guess i've done a good job if i have to say so myself .
    lizzy-m - Posted 47 months ago
  • Hi Ladies...I have a 9yr old...& the dad hasn't done anything for her since she was born,,,I'm not bothered by it, what makes me sad is my daughter wants him to part of her life but he isn't bothered by it.
    kaydee - Posted 55 months ago
  • HI Sisters I gave a beautiful baby girl who"s going to be a year old on the 15 of next month. Her dad is not in the picture and im so happy about that, what i hate is that he doesnt support my baby at all but when she's older he myt try to be a father. I do want my baby to have a her father in her life i just dont want to be the only one who buys diapers and formula and him coming into the picture when she can eat what we eat.
    nikaokuhle - Posted 55 months ago
  • Great Group!! I have 2 little girls. 5 and 3 years old. Me and their father called it quits about two years ago! He does nothing to support them in any way, doesnt even care where they are or what they do!! But we are better of without him!!!
    anetdupreez - Posted 55 months ago


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