Pull her down syndrome

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Name: Pull her down syndrome
Category: Common Interests - Activities
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: it is aimed at people who dnt have anything good 2 say to other people & who are jst too childish & stupid... so people le's join hands in fighting this attitude..........
Website: www.pullherdownsyndrome.com

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    rev - Posted 63 months ago
  • hey thanks for the invite but im kinda in the dark here
    smoothe - Posted 72 months ago
  • Who, What, Where and HOW DARE THEY!!!
    tercia - Posted 73 months ago
  • Hey Vee, thanx 4 de invite. I had the same, people judge us without knowing us at all. Keep in touch.
    mpungose - Posted 73 months ago
  • Seems there are quite a few out there. And I say this "in the friendliest possible" way.
    southernjaci - Posted 73 months ago
  • the reason i started this is some, stupid, childish guy here on blueworld decided to take out his anger on me & my frnd ref. ur a fool man, if u thought ur clever ur not, shame ever heard of keep ur comments to urself? i suggest u do dat, this is a free country & u dont know what others have gone through to get to where they are. & dat does''nt give you the ryt to gudge others. man u need 2 grow up...........judgment day is comung God forgive u.........im praying for you idiot.
    valybaby - Posted 75 months ago


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