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Name: peace preachers
Category: Student Life - Academic Groups
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: we are preaching and teaching the youth,our colleagues to learn to have and peace with one another and furthermore to let go the concept of xenophobia in their minds and hearts
Website: www.intranet.ufh

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it is tri-varsity here in fort hare,meaning its a university clash

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  • Trust is possible only if you trust in yourself. The most fundamental thing has to happen within you first. If you trust in yourself, you can trust in me, you can trust in people, you can trust in existence. But if you don''t trust in yourself, then no other trust is ever possible. And society destroys trust at the very roots. It does not allow you to trust yourself. It teaches all other kinds of trust - but the basic trust is completely ignored. And then all other trusts are phony. Then all other trusts are just plastic flowers. You don''t have real roots for real flowers to grow.
    tamiyoka_dale - Posted 82 months ago
  • There are people all around who are out to destroy your individuality, who are trying to enslave you and turn you into their camp-followers. It is their ego trip; it gratifies their ego to know so many people follow them. The larger the number of followers, the greater is their ego. Then they feel they are somebodies people have to follow. And then they try to enslave those who follow them, and enslave them in every way. They impose their will, even their whims on them, in the name of discipline. They take away their freedom and virtually reduce them to their serfs. Because their freedom poses a challenge to their egos, they do everything to destroy their freedom
    tamiyoka_dale - Posted 82 months ago


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