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Name: Opel Supporters
Category: Sports & Recreation - Automotive & Racing
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: For all you people out there that are like me and absolutely love opels. Upload your fav opel pics and videos here.
Website: www.blueworld.co.za/

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  • anyone know date for saldanah racing?
    casie - Posted 66 months ago
  • zoopedup - Posted 78 months ago
  • i got the stock astra coupe 2l turbo. raced 4 gti and won 3.
    menikmati - Posted 80 months ago
  • @nikeel. Well, the ts,astra and corsa OPC will give the GTI a run for its money. lol - Astra OPC - 177kw, Corsa OPC - 144kw(small car), 200ts - 160kw. The corsa is very close the the astra coz of its wait, even tho its only a 1.6 turbo engen. I recon the GTI is very over rated car, altho it looks awsome. The R32/R36 on th other hand... wow
    NightStalker - Posted 81 months ago
  • hahaha night go on u bro.....btw which is car tha we have is s.a(fcuk we get the lower end model''s) the car that give the car that i love gti Competition...the opc or the opel ts....or the lil baby opc corsa opc?
    nikeel - Posted 81 months ago
  • @nikeel - lol. I just might
    NightStalker - Posted 81 months ago
  • @godknows - Goldwagen is in montegue gardens.
    NightStalker - Posted 81 months ago
  • hasit hasit guys...i know that your''ll dont like golfs but hey be sports and join dub crazy swap a few idea ect....so join guys...dare to be different
    nikeel - Posted 81 months ago
  • I will never drive anything than an OPEL. Cars usually rust quite quickly at the coast except for my OPEL.. Xcellent group greation!!
    mermaid - Posted 82 months ago
  • Hey NighStalker where is goldwagen.
    godknows - Posted 82 months ago

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