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Name: Mpuma Net
Category: Just For Fun - Totally Random
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: This group is to network all blue world members who are coming from or have interests on Mpumalanga Province. Everyone is welcome to share with us about the experience s/he's got. This is more of a tourism and social space, come let's discover Mpumalanga together.

IMPORTANT! Explicit content is not supported and will be removed, this include but not limited to images/pictures and videos.
Website: n/a

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  • Wassup, what do ya think of the collapsed bridge in Nelspruit (over the N4).
    zwelid - Posted 62 months ago
  • Mpuma Net members, if you have anything to say or share with other fellow Mpuma Net members do so, this space/group is for you
    remandlo - Posted 72 months ago
  • Thanks for those who manged to jion this group, I hope we'll grow the Mpuma Net together and reach those who didn't know we exist as Proudly Mpuma Net on BlueWorld. I hope we will have more buddies joining in the near future. Have a wonderful Festive and enjoy responsibly. remandlo
    remandlo - Posted 72 months ago

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