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Name: MillionairsClubⓒ
Category: Business - Companies
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: OUR MOTO: If I get rich then so do you.

To join this group you have to have the will to whant to get rich. Our integrity is at stake, no slouchers or sleepers, If you are living life and loving it, if you what everything that life has to offer or do you beleave that the good life is not for any choosen few.

Then grab this oppotunity and get involved with our forums, exchange ideas on how to make money, get the great secrets that only our members will know.

OUR VISION: Let us together raise above the common social laws that intrap the majority.
And when we have succeeded then we can come back to get the rest of the plebs.

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  • well lets make that money.can the admin set up a set down some day and share ideas
    daglous - Posted 64 months ago
  • HOWZIT PEEPS u got a nice thing going here,just a word of advise if u put your mind to it u can do it We started out spinning in the street till we host a small event and now we getting PAYED for spinning at events check out our website
    heinrich - Posted 73 months ago


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