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Name: Making Money in South Africa
Category: Business - Home Business
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: With the economy, it's harder than ever to get to some needed cash to pay off your debt & bills. However, Link has added a great business opportunity on one website with a unique concept and approach to help ordinary people fight inflation and create a second income which continues to grow.

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Get Paid 2 Shop in South Africa!
People will love this, especially the ladies. How would you like to earn an income by doing what you love most - SHOPPING & TALKING? With Balltron's new u-tron shopping card concept you can now do exactly that. Balltron negotiated discount with many of the big stores and chain groups. You get a Gift Voucher Card from them and all you have to do to make money is use your card and tell other about it. How difficult can that be?


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