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Category: Common Interests - Activities
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: The condition of our roads and the heavy traffic load in Jozi
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Must the taxi driver of today be sauch a..h...s, would it not be better if all people can be sivilised towards each other especially on the rosad as this is a very dangerous environment as you are at the mercy of every other person on the road and they are at your mercy.

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  • Not to mension the way Taxi's just pull off the road anywhere/anyhow - OMG is this ecceptable to us as road users, or have we just become complacent and accepted this behaviour, the metro cops is doing NOTHING about this and it seems to be "good practice to endanger other users lives" Have we gone mad??
    laurent - Posted 67 months ago
  • Yes I have a group where we gripe about this all the time! Did you know that the taxi driver is out of control.... this person just do not give a sh1t! about what the other road user have to do to get to work, as long as he can bob and weave! hey presto all is well in taxi land. I have a surprise for these characters, i will not give way any longer... (I am insured) If he bumps into my car - I'll either get another one as I also have Top Up Insurance, and then i will take his car off the road... I will reverse into it until it does not look like a taxi any longet, more like a beetle!
    laurent - Posted 67 months ago


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