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Name: Ethunzini Heritage Project (EH)
Category: Common Interests - Hobbies & Crafts
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
Fax:086 663 9274/ 086 654 7956/ 086 513 0026
Producer Director:MJ Nsibande 083 474 6406

Public Art,craft,handwork and culture development,education and entertaintment
About us the project
Ethunzini Hereitage Project(EH) a designed cultural organization form of education and entertaintment for the people,nations to the better way of life.We offer our services by restoring and advising about culture,to educate about our ancestors legacy,to protect and promote arts,craft,cultural science and tegnology.The project is owned by Kwasiba S&S Communications(KSSCOM),a private company.And was founded by MJ Nsibande aims to help people in providing and the development of art,craft and culture,to provide solution and promotion of the better understanding of our culture.

Our poem are based on creature at large,journey of life,emotional and motivation,composed to be songs ,comedy and filming.To pay tribute we choose few of our poems,Kthethani noKhethiwe/Choose And Choosen:-is to teach people about choosing ;Kusasa/Tomorrows:-we never know what tomorrow bring for us,like the blind we don’t know,let us look after what we have today in order to get brighter future;Ngicula mibala/Sing in Colour:-The poem aim to unite all race black and white,be proud of whom they are,black be more happy with their skin as we planning 2010 world cup they must sing this song.

“Behand life,love and truth to challenge life.Challanges are there lets stand up and talk about it,the only way to find solutions and help ourselves,support each other in times of sorrows.We are the hope where people can trust on life.

To maintain art,craft cultural talk shows programs on TV and Radio’s for Ethunzini Heritage Project
To produce poms,comedies and TV sopies and to compose songs
To publish books about the project
To support helpline for victims in different problems
To offer home to vicims,homeless and the poor people,old age home,widowed and disabled
To promote and support peace and love to the victims of polotics,domestic violence and fight against anykind of abuse including rape,crime,and racism.
Website: n/a

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