Don't let him feel like he owns you

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Name: Don't let him feel like he owns you
Category: Common Interests - Self-help
Type: This group is open and anyone is free to join and invite friends.
About: This is a group for women. We can talk about anything in our relationships and give each other advice, maybe there's some one who actualy cares and wants to make you happy.

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Girls are being underestimated and guess what some just tired of the whole thing and commit suicide.

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  • do u girls think that u should stay with a man who cheats cos u have a kid together??? I have been in a relationship with a man the last 9 yrs and have a 7yr old. he repeatedly cheats and i have caught him out over 6 times. We break up and after a few months i take him back.... thinking that i should cosa our son... any ideas!
    tanzanite1982 - Posted 52 months ago
  • that's the way 2 go gal...u worth more
    kanyies - Posted 61 months ago
  • I once attempted suicide because of a man, realised later that they are not worth it.
    juju153 - Posted 61 months ago
  • i wiil lyk 2 share my story with u
    mazizi - Posted 64 months ago
  • hi ladiz
    mazizi - Posted 64 months ago
  • Hey ladiez,im hapi 2b prt of ds grup.Cud sm1 plz tel me wht hz bin goin on.Grl pwer(`,`)
    Sn33zy - Posted 64 months ago
  • if i were dose i would'nt,i cnt die 4 sum1 else jst bcz i love him.he is not romio nd um not juliet
    0732549888 - Posted 64 months ago
  • Jah, i wont let hm feel lyk he owns me dat wil neva hppn
    Mozziza - Posted 64 months ago
  • Jah, i wont let hm feel lyk he owns me dat wil neva hppn
    Mozziza - Posted 64 months ago
  • Jah, i wont let hm feel lyk he owns me dat wil neva hppn
    Mozziza - Posted 64 months ago


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