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Have you ever wished for a local student publication that would cut the crap and deliver the goods? If so, keep reading. Eikestad Media, publisher of the multi-award winning community newspapers Eikestadnuus and Gazette, has announced the birth of 24. This monthly, glossy magazine with an initial print-run of 10 000 copies promises to entertain the town's vibrant student community. Its first edition was published during the February 2009 student initiation frenzy.


With a print-order of 10 000 copies it is already one of South Africa’s biggest youth publications. Stellenbosch’s vibrant student community received their first copies – fresh off the press- at three different launch parties held in conjunction with local night clubs and Klippies & Cola. 24 is widely considered “the ultimate free magazine”. It provides a concise, authentic and colourful take on news, entertainment, sport and social buzz.

Contact us at 24mag@eikestadnuus.com for further details.

Latest News

Hee-ha! The latest issue of 24 Student Mag just hit the streets and it is rocking!

*** Maritza Veer is our cover girl - she might be from Worcester, but damn she's hot! Check out our exclusive interview with this Matie student who has been chosen as Samsung's International Face!

*** Dis amper verkiesingstyd. As jy nog nie lekker weet hoe dinge werk nie, moet jy 24 se Idiot's Guide To Voting uitcheck. Al die politieke partye sê hul sê - en ons wys jou hoe jy die vinger vir die OVK kan wys.

*** Win tickets to see Goldfish live at Spier! SMS the words "24 GOLDFISH" to 34420 today, and who knows, we might surprise you.

*** Earl Haupt praat weer klomp kak oor Man U. Check bietjie sy artikel hieronder, en laat weet ons wat jy dink. Terwyl jy op die sportblaaie is, loer bietjie na ons sexy foto's van Talita Rocha, 'n sexy Brasiliaanse volleyball-speler.

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