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Word to my youth

Peter, you have potential -
Consequences inconsequential

You will get up and supercede it.
Give your heart, dont take shit.

Peter, off the couch and explore your world
Chase rabbits, chase cars, chase girls.

Women are undoubtedly beautiful creatures,
but never lose your heart to their superficial features.

That one will come and i still seek her
dont rush, dont hide, she will be there.

You will know her by the way she looks at you
The way she longs for you and smiles when you do

Money will mean nothing - for if she dost love.
Your heart is her currency, its value far above -

that of the Rand, the dollar, the Euro
It'll be the truth teller, a fact that you will know.

Listen to others, but question its origin
if from the heart - take it in.

But if, from an oppressors tongue abuse should spout,
take no notice - his world is much to laugh about.

Dont seek approval from your father - you shall never receive.
It is a sad fact but one you should not grieve.

You have a doting mother who's heart is limitless
She will more than make up your fathers emptiness.

You will fail many times - learn from them.
You will love many times - dont regret them

You will succeed many times - learn from them
You will make many mistakes - dont regret them.

But above all, yourself - you must love
Where others falter - you must rise above.

Pro-poemer, not really

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