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Whats with this?????

There's just somethings I really don't get about city people. Maybe I've been living in small towns for way too long, but that doesn't change the facts.

Having recently moved from a small town to Centurion I needed to go check out the local mall (which is located on every corner in Centurion) to stock up on a few things I needed for the first week of work. As I was walking through this particular mall everybody looked so glum with not even a minuscule presence of any kind of content or happy look on their faces. Living in a small place i'm used to Oom Jan and his grey haired bloodhound wife waving off even if he doesn't know who the hell you are. Even when you drive along a dirt road in the middle of nowhere with your GP number plates everybody suffices with a wave or a nod. But NO! Not even a glimmer of any kind of happiness. Felt like somebody is sucking the life out of you or trying to get to the marrow in your bones. Was a really eerie feeling walking through that mall.

But that wasn't the end of the soul killing spree. I walked pass a wimpy on my way out of this smile forsaken place. Just to see a middle aged couple having dinner. There was no talking, both busy with their work. The husband looked as if he had a deeper sense of commitment to his laptop than to his wife and his wife was so deep in conversation with her i-pad that she didn't even notice the waiter falling down the steps. How can the woman you are married to and must certainly be the love of your life be less important than flipping through files and emails after hours. I just stood there for a couple of minutes amazed by this lack of interest in ones life partner. Is targets and deadlines so much more important than having some sort of interest in your wife? What is with this???

As I walked away I made a promise to myself. I will never ever ever be those people. If I get married the woman I marry will be the first and only thing in my mind. If and when you choose that person to be a permanent part of your life she should be your best friend that will be your center of attention, the main attraction of your day. You don't choose somebody because you need them now, you choose them on basis of the fact that she is all you ever wanted and all you will ever need.

Maybe I'm just a bit pessimistic about big city life or I still have the small town mentality but i really don't get this and I don't think I want to.


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  • Yhaa that's the big city alright, every1 minding their own business.I'm nt suprised that only in big city u'll find a high number of divorces & many plp suffering with depressions & all that kinda stuff.
    beegee - Posted 40 months ago

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