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What is/are your favourite DRINKING GAME/s???

Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game
Setup Instructions
There are no special setup details, just get all your players together with their beers to hand.

Game Requirements
The usual requirements for this game, people and beer.

How To Play
The game starts off with someone saying ‘fuzzy duck’ to the person directly to their left. This process continues around the table until someone says ‘does he?’. The direction now changes but now players have to say ‘ducky fuzz’ instead.

This carries on until someone says ‘does he’ again, where players must now revert back to 'fuzzy duck’. This has to keep going but as fast as possible. When someone messes up and says it wrong they must down their drink.

If somebody says ‘does he?’ twice in a row, they must down their drink as this is cheating!

Pub Golf Drinking Game
Setup Instructions
Before starting your round of pub golf, you need to think of 12 or 18 pubs that you will visit during the course of the game. Each pub is basically a 'hole'.

Game Requirements
A score card for all the players and something to write the score with.

How To Play
To play the game, each player must visit every hole (pub) in turn, purchasing your chosen drink at each one. You get your score for each hole by adding up the amount of swigs you take to finish your drink. At this point you must remember to fill out your score card as you go along.

The winner of the game is of course the player that has the lowest score for all the holes completed from the round of golf. The loser, surprisingly, is the player with the highest score. A forfeit should be determined before the game begins for the player that comes last at the end of the game.

It's always best to dress up for this one. So dig out your best golfing gear!

Kings Drinking Game
Setup Instructions
Everyone sits around the empty glass and the cards are shuffled.

Game Requirements
You’ll need a deck of cards, at least 2 players, an empty pint glass and drinks.

How To Play
Each player takes it in turns to draw a card. The card picked results in a forfeit, which are as follows:

Ace – Waterfall – Everyone has to drink but they can only stop when the person sitting to their right stops first.
2 – You – The person that drew the card picks someone to drink.
3 – Me – The person that drew the card has to drink.
4 – Floor – Everyone has to point/touch the floor and the last person to do so takes a drink.
5 – Guys – All the men drink.
6 – Chicks – All the women drink.
7 – Heaven – Everyone points to the ceiling, with the last person doing so taking a drink.
8 – Date – The person who drew the card picks another player and both have to drink.
9 – Rhyme – The person who drew the card says a short sentence, and everyone has to say something else that rhymes. The first person that can’t rhyme must drink.
10 – Category – The player who drew the card picks a category, and everyone has to say items from it. The first person who makes a mistake has to drink.
Jacks – Rule – A new rule has to be thought up for the game.
Queen – Questions – The person who drew the card can ask a question at any time.
King – Kings Cup – The player adds their drink to the empty pint glass, with the person who draws the fourth King drinking whatever’s in it.

Try to get as many people to play as possible.

The rules of each card can always be changed with each game to make it more interesting and to suit the players.

Sparta Drinking Game
Setup Instructions
Get some alcoholic beverages and play the movie 300.

Game Requirements
The movie 300.

How To Play
Watch the movie 300. Everytime someone says Sparta or Spartans take a drink.

Roxanne Drinking Game
Setup Instructions
Any beverage will do, shots preferred. CD or Ipod with The Police singing Roxanne.

Game Requirements
People, alcohol & a copy of the song Roxanne.

How To Play
This works the best with a group of people. Split your group of players in to even teams. Have one person as the designated bartender to fill shots if they are being used.

Flip a coin. Heads is team Roxanne. Tails is Team Red Light.

Fill your glasses with your shots. Start the song. Each time the words Roxanne or Red light are heard, the relevant team or person must take a drink. This must carry on until the song has finished.

This should result in a room full of drunks singing The Police all night long!

Roxanne Variation Drinking Game
Setup Instructions
Put on the song Roxanne by The Police while you have a drink in hand.

Game Requirements
This game is a variation on the more famous version all you need is a drink (a shot wont work) and preferably other people - but its not actually vital.

How To Play
Everytime the words Roxanne are sang, take a drink, everytime he says "put on your red light" you have to do a 360 spin!

What is your favourite DRINKING GAME?????

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