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West Coast Twisted

Its been a while since Ive felt the need to write. Since last I wrote about all sorts of random things so much has happened. Ive finally grown up, shed the goth outfits and....just kidding. I would ever grow up. I relocated to a small town on the western cape and boy oh boy has my life taken a twist for the better. Ive found my zen on a beach somewhere one drunken sunday after a herbal bout of spaceyness. Yes...I do that sometimes. So while I was mucking about barefoot in the sand I stopped and stared at these huge waves crashing on some boulders out in the ocean and I realised I just found my inner peace....altough it could have had something to do with the four "special" brownies I had wolfed down earlier. So there i was, flinging my poi around and dancing like a hippie on a psycadelic session, when suddenly this urge came over me to strip down and run around bare arsed...which I did. Sadly on the other side of the dune was a family of very very church loving people who began praying for my sins the second they saw me.
I still dont understand that whole religion thing but each his own as long as they leave me alone. Im currently living with a flatmate, a really cool bisexual hippie guy we can call Ant. Hes fun to be around and when the rest of the Poi dancers hang with us its even more fun.
When Ant and I chill, we end up parking on a beanbag and eventually giggling our arses off at each others randomness. I must say that the western cape has this laid back vibe down to an art. The only thing I struggle with is the local habit of having their two front teeth gaps just aint my thing. New job, new life, new hairstyle, new me....well old me in a new place with a new outlook on things...
The work situation remains the same though... i work with a bunch of lunatics who severely test my capabilities of remaining calm...

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  • Sounds like your are enjoying cape town. Its a lovely place, I can assure you
    sushibar - Posted 32 months ago

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