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The Dangers of Masturbation:

In Men:

1 Bent penis
2 Smaller penis
3 Broken penis
4 Lack of feeling during sex
5 Sex becomes painful
6 Tiredness in work and life
7 No erection due to “brain burnout”
8 Obsessive thoughts / lack of concentration
9 Filthiness (Physical and/ or mental)
10 Guilt feelings / depression
11 Development of piles or hemorrhoids


1 Bent penis
A right handed man pushes his penis left during masturbation thus causing bending damage. This can cause an erect penis to bend to his left when erect (and even when hanging). It may be due to tendons holding the penis becoming streched or breakage scars in the sponge tissue of the penis.

2 Smaller penis
Doctors say that masturbation reduces a penis' size every-time just a little. So you will have a smaller penis if you masturbate. This is a scary medical fact for most men.

3 Broken penis
Dennis Rodman (basketball legend) broke his penis during sex. He had to have surgery to fix it, but it will never be the same. Many men have broken there penises through masturbation. It may even be so severe that one will have no erection due to the physical damage caused by the jerking and pulling of the penis. The penis is not muscle but soft spongy tissue that fills with blood that can be snapped – leaving scars that don't let blood enter – keeping the penis weak. Masturbation can break a penis. The spongy tissue breaks, the penis bleeds internally, scar tissue develops. Sex becomes sore and unpleasant, some men even become impotent.

4 Lack of feeling during sex
The nerves of the penis become damaged making the penis numb to pleasure.

5 Sex becomes painful
Scars and breakages caused by masturbation cause sex (or masturbation) to become painful

6 Tiredness
Masturbation uses a lot of energy and can cause one's work and/or studies to suffer. A man can loose his energy to get out into the world and do important things that would bring him his dream life and dream wife.

7 No erection due to brain burnout.
The “sex” part of the brain uses energy and can become burnt-out. The brain gives energy, hormones and nutrients which need to be replenished and over-use can cause it to fail (like a burnt out thyroid gland). Masturbation also damages the brain by removing a lot of energy – that's why doctor's suggest zinc supplements. This loss of power can cause the penis to atrophy.

8 Obsessive thoughts / lack of concentration
Men can become obsessed with sex so that they can't focus on other things: like work or life-goals.
Your dreams take a back-seat to wasting time masturbating and looking at pornography or thinking about sex. Again you loose out on creating your perfect life and finding your perfect wife.

9 Filthiness
You will need to wash clothes stained by semen and take a bath. Semen can stain clothing. Your mind also becomes cluttered with sexual thoughts and you may find you can't look at people without your mind bringing up sexual images of them.

10 Guilt feelings / depression
Masturbation often leads to these feelings... Why? Maybe there is something wrong with it. The media tries to put a band aid on it by saying it's normal and good for you but that only masks the problem...

11 Development of piles or hemorrhoids
Due to prolonged erections, clenching the renal muscles and the physical exersion during masturbation the veins in the anus can become damaged and this may lead to the formation of piles. There is no complete evidence of this presented by doctors as yet - but people who experience these problems link the two. With piles the veins in the anus become enlarged and even bleed. The anus becomes itchy and going to the toilet can become painful.

In Women
1.Lack of feeling over time
2.Sex becomes painful
3.Obsessive thoughts / lack of concentration
4.Filthiness (Physical and/ or mental)
5.Guilt feelings / depression
6.Stretching the vagina


1 Lack of feeling over time
The use of a vibrator is extemely damaging. A woman's internal nerves are very sesitive and more numerous than a man's. A vibrator damages nerves and causes a woman to experience less sensation with time. Don't listen to lying magazines like cosmo who say every woman should own a vibrator... that's a lie from hell. Those people just want to destroy your life and/or sell magazines...

2 Sex becomes painful

3 Obsessive thoughts / lack of concentration

4 Filthiness (Physical and/ or mental)
A woman is far more prone to filthiness and disease because of the internal nature of her vagina. A Vagina can develop funguses and infections through the insertion of foreign objects. One girl wrote that after starting to masturbate she developed a condition whereby a strange smelly, brown liquid began to leak out of her vagina.

Side note: It takes time for a woman to become accustomed to one man and his semen. Her body fights of all intruders. But over time it responds to her husband's semen as “friendly”. If she has multiple partners her body may never become tolerant and she may even become infertile.

5 Guilt feelings / depression

6 Stretching the vagina
The vagina can become streched and dissfigured by using a dildo. The bigger it is the more harm it can cause.

Please be careful if you masturbate. You could do permanent damage to yourself, that only God can heal. Jesus Christ can heal anything – run to Him and wait on Him.

It amazes me how many people say masturbation is healthy – but they ignore the dangers. TV and media seems to be pushing people into pursuing masturbation but few warn of the problems and how to fix them. Our modern age has become over-sexed. We are bombarded with sexual images and thoughts. I believe that only by knowing the dangers will we be able to start learning to control ourselves. But we need God's help to fully overcome.

We are sexual beings but our sexuality is being awakened far too early. It is better if one can wait till marriage and try to masturbate as little as possible until then. Don't fall into the trap. If you're already in this destructive cycle then keep trying to get out and once free keep trying to stay free. It's just another dangerous addiction but one most face in silent shame or out in ignorant flamboyance.

If you're going to masturbate – and nothing will stop you, then please do it in a way that will inflict the least amount of stress on your body...

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  • With all due respect, none of the so called 'facts' you mentioned were ever proven and in fact world renounced sexologist around the world actually encourage masturbation. I allows a man or woman to ge to know their bodies. Bent penis? Absolute nonsense. Many babies are born with a bent penis or a very small penis. Does that mean that they masturbated inside their mother's womb? While it is a fact that a penis can be 'broken' it also can happen during intercourse as well. Lack of feeling in the penis is also nonsense and is caused by a psycological disorder identified as 'Post Ejaculation Guilt Syndrome' and is mostly diagnosed with people who are involved in extramarital affairs or being religious and their believes, like Catholics prohibit the practice. Also if you experience pain and scars on your penis or vagina, please consult a doctor because you might have a sexually transmitted disease. I say masturbation is even saver sex than having sex with a condom.
    cybernist - Posted 13 months ago
  • Scary, gonna mastubrate wih bubble wrap from now on
    daemos1 - Posted 45 months ago
  • Entertaining and very creative, with mild sprinkeling a half-truths. It the bottom line seems to be that if you are Christian you do not masturbate, this notion is what causes people to have feeling of guilt, and depression. Human sexuality is normal- these kinds of warped notions messes people up more than it puts them on track to a healthier life.
    beautifulbottomlips - Posted 46 months ago
  • Ha ha ha!

    Very funny! Hope know one still believes that rubbish!
    pehornby - Posted 53 months ago

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