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Small details like the seam socks. And pearls

20 party

This coming Saturday, then? My birthday, so we will have a birthday party and housewarming party, the theme will be in 1920? No. You know, flapper dresses, shoes audience, big band music, cigarette holder, hooligans - whether in the presence of 20? No. I do not have a lot of clothes from the time, but I can think of, only two of clothes, you can look a bit to adapt to both the Wholesale Ed Hardy Jeans small flapper or search for more equitable invisible appropriate although no use Yidi waist. I? Meter test things out a little bit today, trying to decide how to go. I do not? T know what clothes the selection and use of accessories, clothes. All site may not be suitable for the times, but as long as I feel a little bit charming? Meters will not have a fuzzy.

One possibility is a more casual look, but it is a small outdoor activities. Chanel lipstick is, of course.

There? S feathers. The headscarf. The hood may not be a 20 staple? Seconds, but as far as I know this is to wear. I attached the drilling brooch, of Fake G-star course, could be deleted.

What then? Select more inspired look with flapper feather hair. This layered dress the edge to be replaced. The biggest problem here is the fringe. The wing hairpin into a headband which is designed from the zoo, I.

Small details like the seam socks. And pearls.

I am naive and I play a little, now I? D Love to hear your thoughts! History, is not really my strongest side, I do not have the biggest selection, so help would be appreciated. One dress accessories? Or, you have completely different ideas?

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