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Sometimes, it can be a bit hard to describe finding something neat in your favourite MMO -- which is when pop-culture references come in handy! Since they love to sprinkle in references like parmesan cheese on pizza, we're not surprised when readers participate in the fun & send in their own nods. Today's picture & quote comes to us from Mal Iss, who enjoys firework displays -- even if he must generate them. He writes in offering us an obscure reference from a movie called Sunshine to describe this fiery EVE Online picture:

One Shots: Don't fly close

We're always on the hunt for screenshots from MMOs they don't see regularly. If you'd like to help us out, then snap a screenshot of your favourite MMO & e-mail it to us here at Be sure to include your name, the secret, & a description of what we're seeing. Tales, pop-culture references, & things of that nature are welcome ! We'll post it out here for everyone to check out & give you the credit for sending it in! and, we'd love you in that platonic "you're awesome" kind of way.

"Capa: Icarus, how close is this to full brightness?
Icarus: At this distance of 36 million miles, you are observing the sun at seven percent of full brightness.
Capa: seven percent? are you able to show me four percent?
Icarus: Four percent would lead to irreversible destroy to your retinas."

Don't worry, it's a one-week ban. one time again, it was an interesting week for Dungeons & Dragons Online fans. Tuesday night's banhammer took everyone by surprise, & the reactions on both sides were interesting.

Exploring Eberron: The race discussion has been banned

Follow along after the break, then weigh in!

I was one time excited to speak about DDO races this week, but this week's issues left me thinking long & hard about the dynamics of player/developer interaction in this game. Check out that handy comments section at the finish , because I'd love to listen to what you require to say on the banning issue.

I woke up Wednesday morning to several emails from people saying they had been banned for abuse of an exploit. Several things about this were unusual to me. First, & I do know people say this on a regular basis, but one of the emails was from anyone whom I cannot imagine taking advantage of an exploit. Second, as at least one banned player pointed out, the bans began coming down in the evening around the time customer management was closing. Third, the bans seemed arbitrary. plenty of players teamed with friends for the event, with the whole group sticking together & participating in the same place & fashion for the period, but only a number of them were banned. finally, the bans came down on November 9th -- an awfully long time after the limitless Night event ended. Something was definitely not right.

you are banned. Wait, kidding!

I was one time lucky in that I was one time not affected, but I was one time a interested bystander in this. one time the solution was found, my mind turned to a different angle.

Of course, players flocked to the official forums, posting right & left looking for out what this mysterious exploit was & what on earth was going on, only to have the threads repeatedly deleted by mods. finally, Tolero posted an announcement explaining that it was a mistake. Everyone affected could expect the ban to be lifted & 100 Turbine Points to be credited to his or her account.

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