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Recipe of the week: The Power Sandwich

Sometimes a sandwich is all you want. If you eat them regularly, it’s wise to bulk them up with protein and vitamins. This sandwich is packed with protein, while the spinach gives it a nutritious boost. It makes a hearty meal.

10 minutes | serves 1


1 egg
salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
knob of butter
2 large slices rye bread
2 slices mature Cheddar cheese
3 rashers bacon, fried or grilled
handful of baby spinach leaves

What to do:

1. Fry the egg so that the yolk is still slightly runny (see page 17). Season with
salt and pepper.
2. Butter the bread slices on one side and turn them over. On the unbuttered
side of one, layer first a slice of cheese, followed by the rashers of bacon.
Slide the egg on top and cover with a few spinach leaves. Add the last slice
of cheese and close the sandwich with the remaining slice of bread, the
buttered side facing outwards.
3. Heat a frying pan on high. When hot, place the sandwich in it and toast
lightly for about 1 minute on each side.
4. Serve warm or cool it down before you wrap it in aluminium foil to eat on
the go.

TIP! Serve with a side salad or shoestring fries and some tomato sauce or onion

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  • Sound delicious,would not mind eating it,but to lazy to make it. Yah the pork won't work for me
    Glynn - Posted 27 months ago

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