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Reality hits home
i sit and wonder why
ponder on things
past future and present
present, that's what i want
4 my birthday....
moving on...

I wonder when the world will end
will we be ready to face Jesus
have we done what was asked of us,
which was simply to love one another
respect our bodies
and our parents

What if He came today, what would you do
what have you done so far that would make Him proud of you?

Suddenly procrastination doesn't seem so appealing
It feels daunting...
I need to leave a mark on this Earth b4 i leave
I am gonna leave a SCAR on this Earth before i leave
It's my destiny
My life
My future...
I choose what i do with it...

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  • thank u Jim :-) thank u for the encouragement... It's people like you that get people like me going and for that i thank u!! may God bless you... :-)
    heavensentangel - Posted 68 months ago

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