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My first...

The way you made me feel
always put me on a cloud higher than 9
The smile that you gave
managed to birth goosebumps on ma skin

The touch you gave so intimate and so real
Though we never did the deed
you showed me what intimacy means

You respected my beliefs and values
sealed it with a kiss on ma forehead
the way you made me feel
you were the first to ever make me feel that way

Some things are too good to be true
sad it had to be you

I'd never regret something I don't ever wanna forget
My first
I wish I could've meant a little more to you
been the source of your smile when you feelin kinda blue

first hardly ever means last
I just hoped you could've been the first and the last
but life has its own mind
I'll accept and move on...

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  • Beautiful! You are good at writting...
    steve1007 - Posted 45 months ago

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