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Missing you

I'm laying in bed with
some thoughts running through my head
I'm wondering why I'm thinking of you
and all the things we've been through
I wish there was something that I could do
to make things right
My heart is feeling really cold tonight
I wish you were here to hold me tight
I guess I'm just missing you
but there's nothing much that I can do
I keep thinking of you
but I know you're not thinking of me to
I can't sleep
I'm hurting to deep
maybe I should count some sheep
It's really bad missing you
knowing you're not even thinking of me to

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  • nice poem, i really lyk it...but if it is really meant for someone, u beta talk to him instead of assuming that he doesn't think about you.. u'l b suprised to find out that he does.. so stop assuming and start acting.
    iowa2007 - Posted 74 months ago

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