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it hurtr 2 luv sm1 amd nt b luv bk in return,it is true tht it hurts evn mre 2 luv sm1 and nt hv e courge 2 let tht prsn kw hw u fel.Myb God wants us 2 met a few wng ppl b4 w finali met e ryt prsn w wl thn kw hw 2b gratfl 4 tht is wn u tk away e felngs,passion and romance ina reltnshp nd fnd tht u stl care abt tht prsn.A sad thng in lyf is wn u met sm1 who mns alot 2 u only 2 fnd out in e end tht it ws nvj meant 2b js hv 2 let go..wn e door of happines closes anthr opens bt oftn w luk 2 lng at e clsd door tht w dnt c e of whch hs bn opnd 2 us.Ther are thngs u wld luv 2 hear bt u.ll nva hear fm e 1 u expct 2 hear thm fm bt dnt b deaf nt 2 hear thm fm e 1 who sys it fm their heart.its true tht w dnt kw wt w hv until w lose it and its also true tht w dnt kw wt w misn until w it finali arrivs..gvn sm1 al ur luv isnt an assurnc thy wl luv u bk in retrn ,js wait nd lt it grw in their heart ,bt if it dsnt js b cntent it grw in urz .nva sz gudbye if u stl na try..nva gv up if u stl fl u cn go on ..nva sy u dnt lùv a prsn anymr if u cnt lt go.dnt go 4 luks or wealth ths fade away.go 4 sm1 who cn mk u smile cz it tks a smile 2 mk a dark day seem brghtr.l hp u fnd tht sm1 tht mks u smile.

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  • just know that, Sometimes, when you love someone very much you have to go through every TEAR every HEARTACHE every PAIN… Because in the end… It’s not how you love but how much you HOLD ON. yoo, true arfa_a
    tlangelani - Posted 29 months ago
  • The all colloquialisms (b4,dnt.nva and so on) u used makes the blog very difficult to read. :/
    arfa_a - Posted 30 months ago
  • I love it when you say " it takes a smile to make a dark day seems brighter"

    what you said is indeed true
    d-eyez - Posted 31 months ago

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