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Its been a white

Its been a while since Ice actually posted something,
so let me bring you all up to speed with whats happened up to now .. so it turns out my girl friend was pregnant with my kid and she went for an abortion, then only 2 days later i found out she cheated on my as well, so i am not actually in the mood to blog right now, just want some advice, is she worth keeping in my life ? She has cheated on me 3times and I left her on the third time no forgivness and now she knows that the relationship that we once had will never be the same again, but shes not changing so i dont know what to think or say....... ideas ?

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  • How many times has it happened to you ?
    jakez - Posted 28 months ago
  • Leave her: My experience once a cheater always a cheater
    intiem - Posted 28 months ago

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