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HUMAN RIGHTS DAY(forgive but never forget)

Wen we take go back and recite about the events that took place on this day,our hearts get filled with sorrows and bleeds blood of hate and anger.When we talk about human rights day,we remembering the sharpville massecre that took place on 21 march 1960,where 63 lifeless bodies lied around on the streets of sharpville where pblack people where protesting against the greater seggregation of black people carrying around dompasses which are now in the morden freedom world called identity document. Sisters,brothers,fathers and mothers had died in the hands of enemies fighting for their rights.

We have also been judged by the colour of our skin,not only here in South Africa but the whole world,a blsck person had never been declared a human being or a citizen in ay nation but now we are and we had to fight for our status and identity through blood shed.I would say it was worth it cause i would not have been having the privilleges of writting this blog write now.A black skinned covered person fcomes so far that we shall never forget what our forefathers had endured to bring us this freedom that we having today.We have forgiven those that have sinned against us but we shall never forget.Yes we are still on the verge of fully enjoying the freedom that was fought centuries ago but i still feel that we are still not yet liberated as black people here in mzansi.

Julius Malema had recently passed hate speech that reads"kills the boer ,on the farmers" yes we highly condemn that but in times like these,we remember the hardsips that white people took us through,we develop passion of hate against them.WE HAVE FORGIVEN BUT NOT FORGOTTEN. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • True yes but the old is gone and the new started and no matter how many white people can still not get used to this there is some white people who hate racism and wish the new South Africa would wake up and realize that by standing together and stop living in the past we can make a difference now
    ulusabanews - Posted 63 months ago

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