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fad up !

Guys tell u wat , I hd a facebook account b 4 so I deactivate it because my wife thought I m hvng an affair ,I hd so many whatsapp friends n bbm friends but dey all gone cos I was fixing my marriage , wat happens now is dat she got a blackberry phone like me now she can brows ,she can whatsapp n bbm at the same time even wen I m wt her I don't get a quality time it happens sometimes , guys I m fad up now I m trying to fix everything but it getting worse last nyt we hd a fight n I hit her witch was the worsed thing ever .I need to fix this I need ur help ,married people I guess u hv sumthing better to say ! I m sorry I hit her but she made me to loose my temper ! I m hurt ! ! !

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